Naked Souls

“You get tired of thinking about yourself all the time when you’re a writer. Or at least when you write the kind of books I write. It gets wearisome, all the bellyaching and feeling and thinking about the world and how you interact with it. Everything’s a mirror when you’re a writer; the computer monitor is a mirror. Who thinks they are so important they need to write books about themselves? Who are these people who write about themselves, and how did I become one of them?”

-Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


Donald Miller has become one of my favorite authors. He writes the way that I want to live my life.

Deliberately, but never taking himself too seriously.

Critically, but not cynically.

Honestly, but not to the point that it’s TMI.

He’s willing to share the uncomfortable, ugly, raw moments of life- not for attention but rather as an opportunity to show how God can use all of it in unexpected ways.

Through reading Donald Miller and knowing others like him, I’ve realized the most effective writing and living are done when we are willing to be vulnerable.

I think we spend most of our lives trying to cover up our insecurities.

I’ve realized, though, we can either choose to be vulnerable or have moments of vulnerability sneak up on us. Like when you’re happily alone, strutting around your house naked, but then hear a sound. Suddenly, the comfort and confidence you felt in your own skin evaporates. You run to the nearest room, hurrying to shut the door. Then you wait, and listen quietly for an opportunity to make an escape. Your mind races trying to think of an excuse for your current nude state. You’re embarrassed.

But, if you live your life listening for the Lord, obeying when He asks you to be vulnerable, you never have to worry about being walked in on. Your soul is ready to be seen. And He won’t allow your life to be marked by shame or embarrassment.

I hope others can understand what I mean. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we need each other to share our embarrassing moments, our hurts and fears. For one, it reminds us that we’re normal. It reminds us that we all actually have a lot more in common than not. We don’t have to hide. We are who we are.

The good news is: He is who we aren’t.

Lord, we all have the same outer shell. Help us to be vulnerable to Your glory.


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One response to “Naked Souls”

  1. This gave me goose bumps… You are a truly amazing writer Katie!

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