22 & Single

Candid journal entries of a single girl in a world that revolves around relationships.

Thoughts on being unmarried, men, the past and the future.

Now available to order through Westbow Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Reviews of 22 & Single…

“Poignant, thoughtful. Like the Psalmists, a great modern example for Christian women of how to set their hearts before God.” -Sophie Parkison

“Absolutely beautiful. Katie writes with such honesty. Her words captivated my attention and drew me to her. I felt myself wanting to tell her about the idiosyncrasies of my own life. In her truthfullness, she brings out a level of vulnerability within the reader. It’s raw, it’s honest, and it allows the reader to be honest with itself as well. She has completely demolished any wall standing between the reader and herself. It’s not a book. It’s a glimpse into her soul.” -Shelby White 

“Katie has written a fantastic book. I realize that as a 28 year old male, I am well outside the target demographic of the book, but there are takeaways that will benefit everybody. Even though the book is a quick read, Katie is able to achieve a level of openness and honesty with the reader that is amazing for a first time author. While I won’t spoil any of the book, Part 3, “The Past” is what impacted me most and I am continuing to chew on what she has written. Without question I recommend this book to ANYBODY, not just ladies that are 22 and single…It is really, really good.” – Dewey Dykes

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