My Problem with Grace

The sequel to 22 & Single…

My Probelm with GraceAfter graduating college, learning to survive being single, publishing my first book, and moving to Los Angeles- I wondered, “God, where are you?”

My life was not turning out like I had planned.

But, God found me. He would meet me in my darkest moments, through His people and through His Word.

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What’s being said about My Problem with Grace…

“I just downloaded the book and finished it in a couple of days. And I felt like it was so good, so encouraging and honest and heartfelt that I was disappointed when it was over. I wanted it to keep going, to hear more. She writes with such an informal and raw honesty about her life, her struggles, her joys, her fears, and the God that has been with her through it all. It develops a rapport with the reader so you feel you are just hearing from an old friend, with a genuine compassion and care in her voice.

I definitely recommend this book. It is powerful and convicting and encouraging and is a quick enough read that you might find yourself coming back to it again and again (even if each time it’s just Katie telling you to put her book down and go straight to scripture, anyway).” -Alex, L.A. 

“At times, My Problem with Grace is like reading a diary. More often, you get a glimpse of what the author has been learning during her life experiences. There are no claims for a teaching agenda, but it’s definitely worth learning from the author’s experiences. It’s an easy, quick read, and refreshing.” -CT

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