Love Like Dandelion Roots

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Will deep roots hold Mel & Trey back or hold them together?

The sight of him crashed into her. She walked gingerly to the attendance sheet and ran her finger down the list of last names. Breks . . . There. She was right. Their similarities were undeniable but her brain needed confirmation. What was the chance that the son of her first love, and her first heartbreak, would be in the class she was subbing for?

Mel Langston arrives back in her hometown of Aspen Hill after a failed career as a journalist. Unexpected memories of her high school crush, Trey Breks, bombard her as the past crashes into the present. Will her roots keep her stuck in heartbreak or will she finally be able to break free and move forward?



Travel to Ireland for love & adventure…

This sweet novella will give you all the feels as you explore Dublin with Victoria in search of her real-life Irish romcom.

Victoria can’t believe it when Michael, a handsome Irish exchange student, shows interest in her. Unfortunately, their romance begins as his semester in the States is ending. At the suggestion of her roommate, Victoria decides to visit Michael in Ireland over spring break. However, once in Dublin, Victoria begins to notice cracks in their relationship. When a roller coaster of emotions causes her to hit rock bottom, she meets a barista who begrudgingly befriends her. Will his wisdom and insight give her a new perspective? Or, will she hold on to hope that her Irish romantic comedy will work out?


Katie Nelson grew up in Minnesota. She started writing stories in first grade and hasn’t put her pen down since. When she isn’t chasing after her energetic family, you can find her reading a book, watching adorable dog videos, or drinking a chai latte. Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom is Katie’s first fiction novella.


Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom was a great novella with fun characters, lessons learned, sweet friendships/relationships and faith undertones. That ending was perfect! So, so sweet.

– Kristyn

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