Grace Poem

Problem #1

The problem with Grace is that I didn’t understand how much I needed her,

so I trampled her and spit in her face.

Problem #2

The real problem with Grace is that she’s always there.

I just want to live my life.

But I guess I didn’t realize that I was going through the motions,

headed toward death

and didn’t care.

The way I was living showed that I didn’t care that it took a man being murdered to free Grace.

It took a Father allowing His Son to be murdered in order to ransom Grace.

Problem #3

Grace sits nearby,

waiting for me to simply say yes,


I’m sorry I’ve been a fool,


You’re a gift from above,


You are beautiful, spotless, the greatest sign of love.


I want you in my life


Please come with me everywhere I go.

Problem #4

The problem with Grace is that she’s not tame.

Problem #5 & Problem #6

The problem with Grace is that she’s mine.

I like having her around.

But the problem with Grace is that she wants to free everyone, she wants everyone to experience redemption.

The problem with Grace is that she doesn’t understand…

This world doesn’t work like that- we’re all about supply and demand.

We demand that you work to earn your way and if you do good enough or enough good, we’ll supply.

But Grace just wants to give to everyone- I keep telling her to stop. Doesn’t she know that homeless man must have really screwed up?

And some people just don’t deserve forgiveness? They’ve hurt me- their wrongs are unending.

“Grace, I’m sorry. You just don’t get it.”

And Grace said, “You do get it, so give it.”


Take hold of Jesus.

He gives Grace because of the Father’s sacrifice.


“No Grace, stay in your box. I want your love- they just haven’t done enough.”

“Enough. It is finished. You squelch my love when you don’t give it. I know it’s hard, but I’ll help you through. Think back to the One who died for you. You could never do enough to deserve His life. Stop trying, start dying

to yourself and living the gift of His sacrifice. There is joy-unending waiting for you.

You don’t deserve it.

God loves you.

You can’t earn it.

Jesus died to





It starts now.”

This poem is an excerpt from my book – My Problem with Grace. During this season of Easter, I’ve been thinking a lot about grace and reflecting on God’s amazing gift to us. I want to get the word out. I want everyone to experience God’s grace to the fullest. I wish I could flood the world with it- but the truth is, it’s already there. We just need to start swimming – not fighting it, which really leads to drowning – but basking in it, back-floating in it, side-stroking in it. If you need some encouragement, I hope you’ll take some time to read- My Problem with Grace. It’s not always easy to take a free gift like Grace – but it’s worth it. 

 My Problem with Grace - Only 99 Cents
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