Hola friends!

I’m in the process of reviewing the print version of My Problem with Grace. My sweet sister in Christ and talented artist friend, Jacy Corral, of Hyssop Design has produced a stunning book! (Thank you Jacy – I am so grateful for you!) And I definitely would not have the confidence to publish without my two fabulous and talented writer friends Tracy & Lisa being willing to read it over, give me editing advice, and make lots of suggestions. They ask great questions, tell me when I don’t make sense and then push me to write with more clarity – and I push back:) ((I’m pretty sure my writing might give Lisa heart palpitations and make her want to cry at my lack of proper grammar, but she amazingly is still my friend and hasn’t told me yet that she will never edit anything else I write. I’m so thankful!))

God has also used so many of you to keep me going. An encouraging message or comment seems to show up at just the right time. I still love writing, but it’s hard to know if everyone is tired of hearing me babble on and sometimes I’m positive people are yelling, “Seriously… just keep your ‘journal’ to yourself. No one cares. You’re sooo dramatic. BORING! We secretly hate you…” or something along those lines. All that to say, it is very clear to me that nothing about my life is a result of me. It is God’s grace displayed through air to breathe, sunsets that inspire, and the body of Christ that have brought me

here. >> almost ready to release book #2 in print (which looks sooo much better than the Kindle version! seriously, it kind of seems like a whole new book!)

Official Front Cover! :)

As I’m reading through My Problem with Grace for the bijillionth time, I realized – I talk a lot. And, to a lot of people, a lot of what I say probably doesn’t make sense. So, I just wanted to check in and see if you guys have any questions for me. If not, totally fine. But if so, I’d love to try my best to answer them. For example, perhaps you were wondering – “Katie, if you could have anything in the world- what would it be?” And my answer would be – a British accent. (It might change in a couple weeks, but Wimbledon + Sherlock + Downton Abbey  have pretty much secured this dream tightly to the rope of my existence.) You may have more “deep” questions like, “Why Jesus?” “Is God for real?” “How come you write so much?” “How many journals do you go through in a year?” “What words can you never spell correctly?” —>etcetera, etcetera.

So, just in case you have a burning question – or a not so burning question, you can ask it anonymously here:: 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous – I mean I’m not sure what’s worse, getting no questions which proves no one probably reads these posts, or getting loads of questions which means I must be entirely unclear in my writing. But! I want to have the opportunity available.

In the spirit of Wimbledon and British love—




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