Correction :: Does anyone know God’s love?

Last week, I shared some thoughts in a post called, “Does anyone love God?” This post was really a reflection on current events and conversations that had left me a bit discouraged by my own lack of boldness and society’s disregard for our Creator. This week, I want to share with you a response I received from my good friend, Yia. Yia is a passionate follower of Jesus, student of God’s Word and an amazing chef:) I hope you’re as encouraged as I was by his thoughts…

Yia can throw down some Truth, but I think this pic gives you some insight into his personality:)

I just got done reading your post “Does Anyone Love God?” and it was amazing. I wanted to share a few words with you because I was doing some studying on that same topic that you wrote about. So here’s me getting a little nerdy on you…follow along on my thoughts…

Check this out…We know that God’s words commands and demands change. I used the word “command” and “demand” because God does not just say something to make a suggestion. He doesn’t tell Jonah to go to Nineveh and it doesn’t happen. It’ll happen even if Jonah wants to or not. God makes a covenant with Abraham and He (God) keeps His words, even till present day. Now we also see the strength of God’s words literally when Jesus commands the wind and the waters to stop (Mark 4:35-41) and when the fig tree that wasn’t producing fruit He commands it to die off (Matt 21:18-22).

We see that the words of God demand action. His words command and demand.

Now knowing that premise on the power of the Words of God….we look at Genesis 1 and we see that creation was started when “God said.” Verse 3 states “And God said ‘Let there be light,’” we see these “God said” text in verses 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, and 26 (I’ll get to that verse later). So before there was anything resembling Earth, God began to speak and as He did, light and darkness splits and formations of mountains began to move. Land and water merge and forms of vegetation and plants begin to grow. Creatures large and small emerge from the land. The whole earth is like a orchestra that follows the ebb and flow of the conductor’s baton. After every time God speaks in these verses it states “And it was so…” implying the completion of God’s commands. “And it was so…” is like the period at the end of a sentence…no it’s more of an exclamation mark!

Now in verse 26 God said, “Let us make man in our image…” I believe if God wanted to He could of spoken to the dirt and man would emerge from the dirt. But He just doesn’t stop with His words but He “forms” (Gen 2:7) man. Now that word “form” is the Hebrew word “yasar” which carries the meaning of  “shaping or molding.” It renders the idea of a potter that would “yasar” a pot. The potter would move their hands and fingers on the clay to shape it. When we look at the beautiful formation of the pot we see the grooves and the curves that were intended. Two texts come to mind – Ephesian 2:10 “we are God’s workmanship” and Psalms 139:13 “knitted in our mother’s wombs.”

So with all of this here is my point- God could have spoken man into being but He didn’t.

He spoke everything else from the rocks to the creeping crawling things into being, but when it came to us – He formed us. He literally rolled up His sleeves and used His hands to create, to mold, to form us. No other creature or thing on this planet was formed “yasar.” Only man was and then when He was done forming us, He breathes His “breath of life” (vs 7) or in Hebrew “nasama” into us. His breath gave us life. So God’s words created Earth. His hands formed us and His breath gave us life.

We take this lightly and when we took this life that He gave us and rejected Him through sin… He, God, sent His son, Jesus, to die for us so that we can have a NEW LIFE! When knowing this truth and stepping away from our own little “kingdoms” that we built, we are merely dirt compared to His Glory. Our love for God is not from ourselves, but it is driven by His love for us. We only know how to love because “He first loved us.”

So you ask “Does Anyone Love God?” I believe the question should be “Does Anyone Know God’s Love?”


So powerful! Thanks again Yia! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well…


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