Why High School Students?

“Why do you like working with high school students?” is a common question I hear these days as a Cru High School staff member. My response is usually to get really excited and go on and on about all the things I love about them. When I finally pause to take a breath, I hear, “I could never do that.”

Summer in East Asia

I totally think they could, and really anyone could, but I suppose there are a ton of things I think I could never do- like be a math teacher. I mean, I could do it, kids just would not learn math very well. So like I get it. But, if I love something- I really want other people to love it too because I think it has immense value. And I love high school students. I believe they have infinite value and worth. And, really, at the end of the day- I can take no credit for loving them. I’ve come to realize it’s an incredible gift that I don’t deserve. But, I do want you to love them too – or at least get a glimpse of the beauty that is within this generation. Yes, they are broken- but our God is working. The most beautiful art comes from the ugliest situations, as Andy Mineo says. And our God is an incredible artist.

Middle School Students – I love them too:)

So, I could go on and on about the energy that students have, their goofy sense of humor, the determination in their eyes as they look at the life ahead of them, the fear that creeps in as they face so many unknowns, and the joy that one receives from sharing with them the hope of the Gospel… but I won’t. I mean, I won’t keep rambling. I’ll just leave you with this video from a student named Allen in Omaha, NE and say- this is why I love witnessing what God is doing in lives of high school students::

Click to watch Allen’s Story…

“When I see someone that looks like they’re in pain,
my heart just breaks for them…” -Allen, 17



I’m currently in the process of raising financial support so that I can begin working with students full time as a staff member of Cru High School. It is an exciting, but challenging task that my Cru Staff Team and I are embarking on as we seek to share the hope of Christ with high school students in the Los Angeles area. If you would like to partner with me prayerfully and financially, you can find out more information about my ministry here: Katie Kiesler – Cru High School. If you have specific questions, please email me at katiesjournal@yahoo.com.

My prayer is that you would have an opportunity to experience the joy that comes from listening to and encouraging high school students around you.



U.S. Cru High School StaffIt's good to know I'm not alone in my love for High School Students:)
U.S. Cru High School Staff
It’s good to know I’m not alone in my love for High School Students:) Pray for us!! :)

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