Response to a Challenge

I am really terrible at writing contests. The pressure, the unknowns, the expectations, the fears. What if my response is terrible? What if it is totally and completely off in left field? What if the judges are like – “That was weird”? This is my hesitance in participating in the Open Letter Challenge. I’m just really not good at operating within specific parameters. I pretty much make my home in left field ( field). I like it out here. It’s cozy, not a lot of people come to visit, and I don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of not meeting standards- because it’s my journal, I make the rules. However, after reading An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World by Josh Irby – I’m inspired to try in hopes that you will be inspired to try. If I can do this – you can definitely do this.

“Don’t cheat us out of your story. If you’re not living a better story, there is no one to take your place. Our puzzle will forever be without the you-shaped piece.” -Josh Irby 

Here’s my response…

Sometimes I feel like life is one long email – or like I’m living from email to email. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because honestly, what else would I do obsessively every ten minutes other than check my inbox? The thrill of getting an email is gratifying. When no one has emailed me for 30 minutes, I’m like – dang, buzz kill. At the same time, I get super burnt out on electronic communication. Email is like a baby – it needs a lot of time and attention. Or maybe it’s more like alcohol – fine in moderation, but it will leave you with a swirling headache if you don’t keep your consumption in check.

This world is full of things that try to consume us. It’s easy to get lost in emails and day-to-day tasks, but we were made for so much more. Not saying we should excuse ourselves from those day-to-day tasks, but instead, I’m learning we need to infuse those day-to-day tasks with meaning– that’s what we were made for: life on purpose. In the process of daily living, tedious tasks are meaningful only when they are a means to love those we come into contact with- rather than using the people we come to contact with as a means to our own personal gain.

Forgive me, I’m being my super wordy self. What I’m trying to say is –

My natural inclination is to focus on my own preservation and elevation – I want to be the highest bidder who comes away with the best deal and the finest work, but thank the Lord He saved my soul from being sold out to temporary satisfactions like gaining things and flashy tidings from fancy people who couldn’t care less about anyone other than self. That should be me, and that might be you – but Jesus saved us so that we could leave a legacy of love and sign His name on our grave, forever enjoying Heaven up above. While we’re here on earth living out the dash, I want to live out my day-to-day tasks on purpose, because He’s preserved us for a holy calling, and a righteous commitment, may we not forget it. There is a mission that He wants you to accomplish. Don’t simply take my word for it: grab the Book to get to know the Artist.

The greatest thing that God has taught me lately is that there are going to be deterrents and currents pulling you away from your purpose. These distractions come in all shapes and sizes – in boxes and the faces of a particular book. You will experience trials and set backs, lack of likes and followers, loss of loved ones and unfilled expectations. Demands will be made of you, disappointments will take a toll on you. But never forget: When everything feels like it’s falling to pieces, the pieces might actually just be falling into place.


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