My Problem with Grace – Now available in Print!

I’m excited to announce that My Problem with Grace is now available in print! It is immediately available to order via Create Space and will be available on Amazon December 2. With the holiday season approaching, it just might be a great gift idea… :) You could even do a 22 & Single and My Problem with Grace combo!

They look good together, right? :) Awesome cover designs by Jaclyn Corral.
They look good together, right? :) Huge thank you to Jacy Corral for the amazing design!

As many of you may know, earlier this year My Problem with Grace became available as an e-book on Amazon. It has been a crazy journey as I’ve lived out being 24 while reflecting on being 23 through completing My Problem with Grace. Huge thank you to my friends who have read it and given My Problem with Grace reviews and feedback. Your encouragement and support is so helpful and a huge reason why I keep writing and blogging. So truly, thank you again.

On the note of continuing to write… last week, a concept for a third book was brought to mind. Super excited to begin laying out and piecing together for you an overview – Lord willing.  I’ll keep you posted on this! :) And please pray for me – Lord knows, I need it!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy snuggling up by the fireplace (or for my apartment dwelling friends- the Yule Log aired on TV :)), sipping some tea, and processing life with me as you read My Problem with Grace. I’d love to hear what you think! Here’s a few reviews so far…

“I just downloaded the book and finished it in a couple of days. And I felt like it was so good, so encouraging and honest and heartfelt that I was disappointed when it was over. I wanted it to keep going, to hear more…” -Alex

“Katie does a great job of opening us up to her world and life. She lets us know her struggles and what has helped her along this journey of life…” -Nate

“At times, My Problem with Grace is like reading a diary. More often, you get a glimpse of what the author has been learning during her life experiences. There are no claims for a teaching agenda, but it’s definitely worth learning from the author’s experiences. It’s an easy, quick read, and refreshing.” -CT

Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving!


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