My Christmas Wish

Long exposure of fireflies just before dark Photographer: Rei Ohara
Long exposure of fireflies just before dark
Photographer: Rei Ohara

I’m having one of those days… moments, weeks, where I feel like God has been teaching me so much so often that I can’t keep up. It’s like fireflies of wisdom, lessons, love, are swirling around me and I’m trying to catch them in a glass jar. I don’t think I can grab all of them, but even if I only get one – it will be beautiful for a moment, illuminate my heart for a moment – and hopefully yours too.

I guess in the age of the internet and Facebook, that’s life. Article after article, shared link after shared link, video after video is poured out into my newsfeed. They’ve obviously impacted people because someone thought that it was worthy to share- but I can’t consume them all, I can’t digest it all. I feel maxed out.








I crave.


Time to let the light of lessons, the flame of lessons learned burn hot enough to ignite the wick in my heart, the candle that is my heart. It’s Christmas, there are a lot of heartwarming things happening, there is a lot of “tolerance” and understanding happening and a lot of grace and mercy given. I pray that these things would not




with the season

would not








like an easterly wind.

Faith, I pray, would win.

Faith in Jesus, which breeds love and care. Sharing the Gospel, there’s so much heart there, so much forgiveness that so many need to hear. I pray we wouldn’t waste the moment, these lessons, and we’d let love stay

throughout the year.

But you can’t do it in your own strength, no you don’t have the self-discipline, control, or power. It is only by the Holy Spirit, it is only with a staying on the cross kind of love, can we continue to love

the annoying

the faint of heart

the broke

the broken

the rich

the white

the black

the religious

the atheists

the hurt

the healed

the prosperous

the happy

the single

the married

the divorced

the lonely

the blessed

the holy

yes, it is impossible to love all year long, all people wide, all earth encompassing, all language speaking, all life-stage seeking, all social class inclined,

without the Divine

Love of God.

May you get to know Him more this year and drink of a love that is deeper, longer lasting, than a cup of Christmas cheer.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”
-James Keller

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Romans 15:13

Merry Christmas to you.



2 responses to “My Christmas Wish”

  1. I see a lot of Facebook as noise; distortion, and feel some guilt for adding to it. It’s something we all have to wade through I think – to seek to find a balance. You’ve hit on some real points of relevance here.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and relating Rod. Technology definitely has its benefits, but it can be consuming. I think being aware of how it’s impacting our lives is key! Hope you and your family are doing well this holiday season! :)

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