Coming Soon… Book 3 || Year 24

Book 3, Because I Love You, will be coming out soon. Here’s the backstory and a sneak peek…

 Another book… srsly? Por que? – I’ve been thinking throughout the last year about maybe doing one more book, but I couldn’t really ever seem to get my footing or my thoughts together… so I was going to give up on it. Just try living without a book capturing the high and low lights of every year of my life. But, God has done so much in my heart and life… and about a month ago, it came together.

BILY Cover FinalBut, just a heads up, it’s a bit different… After feeling like I said all that really needed to be touched on regarding year 24, I realized it seemed more like an album rather than a book – except, ya know, for the fact that there would be no singing, and no music. So, I am very excited to share with you that there will be an audiobook version, as well as an e-book version coming out – with a print version, hopefully, to follow in the near future.

I have incredibly encouraging and talented friends who were willing to expedite this whole process in order to get the final product ready for release around my 25th birthday. My friends and this book have definitely helped me process and survive my quarter-life crisis… So, since I feel weird about birthdays… most especially the birthday song (srsly, “happy birthday” is like the LONGEST song in the history of the universe… sweet, but long:)) I thought I would let you help me carry the burden of turning 25 :) Here’s a sneak peek at the introduction to Because I Love You: book 3, year 24….

Because I Love You


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two… which is a bit awkward because I’m about to turn twenty-five. However, I don’t think I would have felt like dancing when I was twenty-two, as Taylor Swift suggests is the norm. “Happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time, miserable and magical…” I think I felt all of those things at twenty-two… but like less happiness, freedom and magic. However, at almost twenty-five… check, check, and check. The reason for this sense of happiness, freedom, and magic…  is the realization that it’s not magic at all. Life is hard… especially your early twenties, at least in my experience. But, at twenty-four, almost twenty-five… I’m running into the ocean and dancing in my car and celebrating and looking ridiculous

Because I made it this far. I made it to twenty-four, almost twenty-five… And none of it… can I take credit for…

I’m so thankful for all that the Lord has done in my heart and life the last few years, and especially this past year. I spent most of 2013 developing a team of prayer and financial partners for my ministry with high school students in the Los Angeles area. This year definitely had its high and low points, but… as I look back, I think it might just be the most thrilling, joy-filled year I’ve ever had. And shockingly, I can say that despite my relationship status still being set to single. The Lord blessed me with more than I could have ever expected or imagined – kiddos to love on, family in Christ to grow with, and a deeper walk with Him.

So… book 3, Because I Love You, is a compilation of what I learned this year… or at least a few pieces of what I learned this year. I hope you find it encouraging – whether it be because something I’ve learned is helpful or because it’s just nice to know someone else out there is crazier than you. But, most of all I hope you find a thread that leads you to look more closely, or in a new way, at the story God is weaving.

Lord, you are oh soo good and in you I put my trust. In you I put my hope.

With love,


P.S. This is kind of like the third book in a trilogy:) Check out the first two while waiting for book 3!

Book 1, year 22 = 22 & Single

Book 2, year 23 = My Problem with Grace

Book 3, year 24 = Because I Love You


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