New Book – Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom

I’m excited – and nervous – to share with you a new fiction novella I wrote. I have always loved fiction. I admire so many of my favorite authors and their ability to create engaging characters and entertaining scenarios. I’ve also been incredibly intimidated to even attempt fiction.

However, a few months ago I was inspired by all the Hallmark movies I was consuming. I just love feel-good romantic comedies. So, that’s what I aimed for – a Hallmark-esque romantic comedy. Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom is far from perfect. It was written after the kids went to bed, in between doing the dishes and cleaning, and whenever else I could sneak in a few minutes.

So, let’s get to it. Here’s a brief description of Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom:

Victoria can’t believe it when Michael, a modelesque Irish exchange student, shows interest in her. Unfortunately, their romance begins as his semester in the States is ending. At the suggestion of her roommate, Victoria decides to visit Michael in Ireland over Spring Break. However, once in Dublin, Victoria begins to notice cracks in their relationship. When the roller coaster of emotions causes her to hit rock bottom, she meets a barista who begrudgingly befriends her. His wisdom and insight gives her a new perspective, but she’s still holding out hope that her Irish romantic comedy will work out. 

Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom tells the story of one pivotal week in Victoria’s life as she experiences personal growth through new experiences, loyal friendship, and unexpected encounters.

I have gone back and forth on if I should actually publish it. So, I have to admit I may freak out and unpublish it at some point. But, for now – it’s available on Kindle. I had fun writing it. I hope you like it!


2 responses to “New Book – Seeking Real Life Irish RomCom”

  1. Yeahhh you did it! Congratulations!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement!!

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