Let’s talk about Prayer & Stories

Two things I am passionate about are faith and writing. Recently, I found a way to share about both by creating two new inspirational journals. Check them out below!

Let’s talk about prayer… Do you want to pray more, but when you sit down to do it – your mind draws a blank? That’s what was happening to me! After my daughter was born, I started getting into a routine of writing out my thoughts in five categories every time I began a quiet time. It helped me jump right in and get my thoughts flowing. If you’d like access to a free preview of my 5 Minute Daily Prayer Journal, you can get it here. I hope it helps you! If you’d like to order your own copy of the 5 Minute Daily Prayer Journal you can find it on Amazon.

Let’s talk about writing… Do you have an idea for a book? Don’t just think about writing it, get started on it today! I have heard so many people say they have a story idea, but they don’t know how to start writing a book. That’s why I created this inspirational and practical journal for aspiring authors called Bring Your Ideas to Life. Inside you will find ideas for developing characters, how to plot your story, and inspiration to keep going. If you’ve always wanted to write a novel, let me help you! Order the journal for aspiring authors, Bring Your Ideas to Life on Amazon!

Pause Pray Dream got a new cover! Super excited to re-release this devotional with journal prompts. Grab it on Amazon today! Hope one or all of these encourages you on your journey! ❤️


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